Launched in 2016, Dreaming Droids Productions, under the direction of Paul Nandzik, produces its own unique intellectual properties, but also sub-contracts out writing, producing, and directing.

We aim to operate with integrity, professionalism, and efficiency while bringing together action and imagination into throught-provoking and engaging entertainment.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dreaming Droids Productions is working to promote the region as a filmmaking hub, and is a proud corporate sponsor of the Pittsburgh Film Office as well as the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild. We envision the region as the new “Old Hollywood” where artistic vision is still an integral part of the business plan.




In this age where man and machine are melding together more and more, and we enter a gray area of transhumanism, exploring the human condition becomes all the more important.

The human condition makes for remarkable subject matter because whether humans are wearing polos or space suits or chain mail, they’re still humans. They still feel love and rage and pain and envy no matter what way you dress them up. Humans are dynamic by their very nature – strong yet fragile, clever yet oblivious, prolific creators yet great destroyers.

Another wonderful part of the human experience is seeing ourselves in everything. We see faces in the clouds and in the dirt, and we see reflections of ourselves in gods, aliens, animals, monsters and, yes, even robots. Through these mirror-like reflections, we can see ourselves as kings, slaves, fools, traitors, martyrs and more. Through these mirror-like reflections, we can see what life might be like in another reality, or just over the horizon.

Let us show you a glimpse of what we see in our dreams.

– Paul Nandzik