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Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Paul is no stranger to start-ups or the hard work that comes with them, and has started several companies, including Steel Legion Stunts.  Working with passion and diligence, Paul is capable as an artist as well as a businessman.  For example, when he was elected president of the Utica Writers Club for two consecutive years, he broke the 70+ year old organization’s record for fundraising, launched a series of writing workshops for area youth in partnership with Barnes & Noble Bookstores, founded a new writing contest, commissioned the organization’s official seal, maintained a monthly newsletter, and established the organization’s online presence.  Simultaneously, he was writing for a newspaper, magazine, and a book.

With a background in sports, martial arts, writing, and acting for the stage, Paul transitioned into film in 2011 as a stunt performer.  He has worked on major Hollywood films such as The Dark Knight Rises and Noah, and many independent short and feature films.  He earned Best Fight Choreography from two different 48-Hour Film Projects in 2016.

Currently, Paul is an active member of the Carnegie Screenwriters as well as the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild, is the founder of Dreaming Droids Productions as well as Steel Legion Stunts, and is the Fight Choreographer for Adrenalin Dreams.

A sponge for knowledge and a sucker for challenging himself, Paul has proudly trained at the United Stuntmen’s Association’s International Stunt School, earned his B.A. in English from SUNY College at Fredonia, and earned his A.A. in General Studies from Mohawk Valley Community College.

Owing to a curious and ambitious nature, Paul survives on about four hours of sleep, not nearly as much coffee as you might imagine, his deep and abiding love for all things peanut butter mixed with chocolate, and his firm belief that the sudden yet inevitable robot uprising shall come to pass.  Interestingly, his dog also shares these very same traits (but don’t worry – he doesn’t get into the chocolate!).

Of all the odd jobs he’s worked in his life, the most interesting title he’s ever held was Electro-Chemical Etch Machine Operator.  Sadly, it’s not quite as interesting as it might sound.  Paul also discovered that practicing medicine was not for him after one semester of pre-med, but found that he had a gift for writing about it, which led to his first professional writing job as a health and wellness writer for Mohawk Valley: In Good Health, which then led to writing cover stories for M.D. News.  Paul has also authored and co-authored four published books, edited half a dozen manuscripts, wrote or co-wrote four produced screenplays, and worked as a professional tutor at two college campuses.





Hailing from Looneyville, West Virginia (yes, that’s really the name of the town), Misha has a passion for putting the pieces of a story together and managing the ins and outs of a set with great attention to detail.  Buffing her field experience as a wardrobe supervisor, hair and make-up artist, producer, and video editor, she is presently continuing her professional development by pursuing her Film Technician certification.

Leading up to this point, she has been the president of the Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honorary Society, the editor of the campus newspaper, Phoenix, a contributing writer to an online review site, earned her B.A. in English from Glenville State College, and worked for 12 years in an administrative support role in and out of the film industry.

Misha is currently an active member of the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild, and in her spare time she tries to rescue too many animals, frequently makes the kitchen look like a war zone, and has regular dreams about cheese.






Jessica earned her B.S. in Communications from Clarion University.  During her college years she fulfilled her dream of joining a marching band and also spent a year as the Operations Director of the campus TV station.

Despite her adamance going into college that she wouldn’t go Greek, Jessica found herself in both a sorority (Tau Beta Sigma) and a fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega) by the end of her freshman year.  She wound up in positions of leadership in both service organizations, taking on titles over the years including Vice President of Service, Recording Secretary, Inter-Chapter Ambassador, and Pledgemaster.  Her greatest accomplishment, however, was organizing a weekend-long leadership conference that involved a number of workshops and more than a hundred people.

Speaking of organizational strengths, Jessica may have difficulty keeping her own home in order but her habit of organizing other people’s things has spanned years – from alphabetizing her teacher’s bookshelves before class started to her newest project, the complete overhaul of the Dreaming Droids Productions’ office space.

Having grown up on Long Island, Jessica returned home after college and spent two years as a teleprompter operator for Fox News.  When it came time for a change of pace, she gave up her five hour round-trip commute, moved to Pittsburgh, and happily drives less than 20 minutes each way to her current (other) job, Assistant Manager at a local Picture People studio.